Peter Money

When Ireland plays host to visitors and students, some get inspired. Peter Money was a college student living in Ohio when he became a student abroad in Dublin. Carrying the story within him for years, Money returned to Ireland to publish Oh When the Saints with the noted Irish publisher Liberties. Irish magazine The Gloss states: "This is a coming-of-age story with a huge beating heart: the protagonist is young American Denny and his gang of close friends the Saint, Sarge, Kath and Nuala. Oh When The Saints is a slim volume that should be savoured, as the narrative drips with lyricism. Each tightly stitched chapter is practically a mini story in itself, presenting a series of questions, a meditation on life and the great beyond. [Novelist & poet] Nuala O’Connor has said, 'This is [a] elliptical novel of ideas, told in punchy, poetic prose; Peter Money’s is a vivid, fresh and welcome voice.'” Featured in the Irish Times, The Gloss and the Irish Examiner, Peter Money has also recorded for Ireland's national public radio, RTE. Liberties Press publisher describes Oh When the Saints as Peter Money's "Dublin 'On The Road.'" (Peter writes, in Joycean terms, his novel is a "longer 'Araby'"--from Dubliners). The novel is a regenerative homecoming, featuring the Dodder River, a rhino statue, and a cast of supportive friends. Oh When the Saints is about student friendships, having to say goodbye--and having to grow up. You'll hear Peter read from the new novel the writer Peter Orner calls "multi-faced, humane...profoundly moving" and "beautifully written." Peter Money will

also talk about the process of publishing in Ireland and touring with the novel where the story is set. 


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